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‘Vigilancer 2099’ – Cyberpunk Bounty Hunting Gameplay

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Envoidant Studios have released some new gameplay footage from their upcoming cyberpunk bounty-hunting game, Vigilancer 2099.

About the game

Vigilancer 2099 is a third-person open-world cyberpunk bounty hunting game where you step in the shoes of a Vigilancer. Customize your look, cybernetics, and play style to best suit your survival tactics. Traverse the densely packed Megabuilding that’s a host to all manner of humans, robots, and aliens alike. Take on bounty gigs to earn your credits and decide whether to spend that money on reducing your outstanding debt or use it to customize yourself further to make navigating the hostile terrain a little more bearable. It’s a tough world with only two options: Buy your life back or Die trying!

Vigilancer 2099 Cyberpunk Bounty Hunting Gameplay

This is the first footage released of the game since the UE5 gameplay teaser was released a year ago:

Vigilancer 2099 Official UE5 Cyberpunk Gameplay Teaser

Envoidant Studios are a development team of three people. The game is only in prototype at this stage. They are currently seeking a publisher, or may possibly seek funding via Kickstarter.

It is too early for a release date announcement.

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