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Sci-Fi Action RPG & Base Builder ‘Cygnus Enterprises’ Out Now In Early Access

Team Miaozi’s upcoming sci-fi action RPG/base management game Cygnus Enterprises is now available via early access on Steam.

About the game

Cygnus Enterprises is set in the far future, where humanity’s ability to explore the galaxy has been stymied by the limitations of spacefaring technology, preventing mankind from spreading its influence to the stars. Players take on the role of a contractor in service to Cygnus Enterprises, who is tasked with restoring a derelict outpost on the remote planet Mytilus and ensuring the safety of its residents. Not everything is as it seems on the planet Mytilus, however, as the player slowly uncovers the secrets of a civilization that existed in the world in ancient times.

Gameplay features

  • A single-player game that merges different genres and gameplay styles.
  • Takes inspiration from the Star Trek franchise, with a game world that is filled with optimism for humanity’s potential.
  • Players are tasked with building settlements on an alien world and defending them from the alien lifeforms that inhabit the planet.
  • Combines action RPG and base management elements, where the player acts as the protector and overseer of settlements on a dangerous planet.
  • Top-down shooter/action RPG combat gameplay, where the player must fight hordes of aliens and explore dangerous environments.
  • Forage materials, but these are defended by the wildlife in the region.
  • Use an array of firearms and special powers.
  • Customize loadouts from hundreds of unique items and more than fifty weapons to loot, craft, and trade.
  • Upgrade gear and weapons.
  • Bring along a Personal Electronic Assistant, or PEA – drones that can collect resources, organize storage space, increase productivity, provide tactical data, and revive the player in a new body in a Cloning Facility.
  • Features six customizable character classes: Security, Pilot, Medic, Engineer, Socializer, and Scientist, each with its corresponding attributes and skill tree.
  • Access up to ten masteries linked to different weapon types. Improve masteries by harvesting components and crafting, which in turn increase character levels and unlock skills for the class.
  • Attributes grant passive boosts and increase the effectiveness of gear, while skills let them unleash new attacks in combat.

Cygnus Enterprises Reveal Trailer

Release info

Cygnus Enterprises became available for early access December 17, 2022.

Game is available in English and Simplified Chinese.

Initially, early adopters will gain access to around 12 hours main story missions. Outside of that players can explore the game as much as they want. New content will be added to the early access version in future updates.

Cygnus Enterprises is expected to remain in early access for around six months.

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