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Online Shooter ‘SYNCED’ Open Beta Now Available, Full Details

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Developer NExT Studios have launched the open beta of their upcoming free-to-play online shooter, SYNCED.


The following is a summary of SYNCED and the Open Beta:

  • SYNCED is an online match-based PvE/PvP and co-op third-person shooter.
  • During the Open Beta PvE/PvP will be comprised of teams of three.
  • The game is set in a near techno-apocalyptic future where, in the wake of a cataclysm known as the Collapse, nanotechnology has become the backbone of civilization.
  • Nanomachines, aka Nano’s, are predatory creatures that roam the lands.
  • You play as a Runner who joins the war against the Nanos. Runners are able to synchronise with Nano’s, turning them into allies.
  • There are different Nano classes: Crusher, Seer, Guardian and Suppressor:
    • Crushers: Pound your enemy into submission.
    • Suppressors: Sentries that are perfect for long range cover.
    • Guardians: Provide cover with their shield abilities.
    • Seer: Supports tactical play, scouting enemies, detecting opponents early, and using decoys.
  • Runner skills combined with Nano skills allow for a broad variety of tactics and combos.
  • Resources looted in PvE/PvP are used to both build up your character and unlock weapons and mods. .
  • Each match acts as a unique run, making SYNCED effectively a rogue-lite.
  • The Open Beta launched on December 10, 2023 and will run until January 15, 2023.
  • There are a limited number of servers during the beta which may cause some ping issues, an issue that won’t apply when the game finally launches.
  • The beta is not available everywhere due to certain regional restrictions. The following ‘Start Time’ map provides an indicator if your region is included or not:

SYNCED ‘Welcome to the Open Beta’ Promo Video

You can learn more about SYNCED and the Open Beta in the following ‘Welcome to the Open Beta’ promotional video:

How to Join the SYNCED Open Beta

To join the open beta:

  • Visit the Steam page and click the ‘Request Access’ button.
  • Browse to SYNCED in your library and click ‘Download’
  • Play (You may have to wait until the developer opens up the beta to additional players as servers are limited during the beta).

Note: The developers also plan to deploy a standalone launcher from the official website in the future.

SYNCED Release Date & Platforms

Publisher Level Infinite are yet to announced a release date for SYNCED.

It will be on PC’s first, then consoles at a later date. The developers have also confirmed they are looking into providing future support for the Steam Deck.

Cross-play is also planned.

The Open Beta launched December 10, 2023 and ends January 15, 2023.

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