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Official Trailer Released for Dark Fantasy Action RPG ‘Abyss World’

Developer Abyss Studios has released an official trailer to promote their upcoming dark fantasy action RPG, Abyss World.

Watch the trailer below.

Abyss World Official Trailer

About the Game

Players will explore the traces of the “Old Tide” in the vast land of Nordinia, and uncover the secrets behind it. In the past, the souls of the world arrived on the other side of the sea – “Old Tide”. However, with the appearance of the “Fire Thief” event, the Old Tide disappeared, the balance of order was broken, and the souls were no longer attracted to the other side. The strange tide sounds attracted the Black Tide, which devoured all. However, the darkness of that resting place was shed by the light… and the glory story will also begin.

Gameplay Summary

  • Third-person dark fantasy action RPG.
  • Made in Unreal Engine 5.
  • Explore the vast open lands of Nornidia, a world full of ancient secrets and threatened by the underworld fog.
  • Travel to the farthest regions of Nornidia, step into the world eroded by the underworld, and gradually move towards the depths of the fog.
  • Complete tasks to light up lighthouses around the world.
  • Face the many threats and fearsome evil foes left behind by the old world.
  • Fight alongside and gather ancient souls from different realms.
  • Build relationships with ancient souls to learn their stories.
  • Dynamic world quest system where player actions and decision determine the outcomes of some of the areas of the world, as well as the appearance of many levels.
  • Connect and restore the world through your actions, and build your city of souls.

Release Info

Abyss World will be released on PC. Release date TBA.

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