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New PlayStation VR2 Title ‘Fantasvision 202X’ Revealed

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Developer Cosmo Machia (Castle Shikigami 2, Mobile Light Force 2) have announced their next game Fantasvision 202X is headed to PlayStation VR2 in February 2023.

About the game

  • Fantavision is a fireworks-based action-puzzle game that was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2000.
  • The PSVR2 version is an all new title powered by Unreal Engine designed for the PSVR2 headset and PSVR2 Sense controller.
  • The game features action, shooting, strategy, and puzzles.
  • The basic goal of the game is to catch fireworks.
  • Features a Single-player mode and a Replay mode.
  • In Replay mode you can change the camera‚Äôs viewpoint, stop time, add different effects, and more.
  • Supports haptic feedback for feeling the vibrations of the fireworks.

Release info

Fantasvision 202X will be released February 22, 2023 on PSVR2.

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