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‘IXION’ Released To Positive Reviews, Early Discounts Available

Bulwark Studios’ space strategy survival game IXION has just been released and if early reviews are anything to go by, this is a game worthy of your time.

About the game

IXION combines city building, survival elements and exploration, into a thrilling space opera as you explore the stars. Propelled onwards through a perilous journey, you are the Administrator of the Tiqqun space station, charged with finding a new home for humanity.

Keeping the station sound and flying will require a deft hand and strategic thinking, as you are constantly pulled between maintaining hull integrity, bringing in new resources and managing power consumption.

What choices will you make when confronted with impending disaster? What will you discover out there in the dark?

Early Reviews

IXION currently sits at “Very Positive” on Steam from 350+ reviews.

Some of the Steam reviewers also confirmed the game plays nicely on the Steam Deck, albeit it a 30-35 FPS.

GameGrin gave the game 10/10:

I could scarcely think of a negative thing to say about this game. It does a fantastic job at offering a ton of mechanics that fill up your time but never annoying, the story is enthralling, and everything works smoothly. There’s no reason for you not to pick the game up if you’re a fan of sci-fi and the management genre. 


Screen Rant gave the game 4/5, highlighting that the game lost points for some stability issues and a lack of performance on low-end PC’s:

In order effectively play this challenging city-building, survival hybrid, players will need an upper mid-tier PC. It’s unfortunate because IXION is a game that quickly catches the player’s attention and, despite it’s high demands of the player, it finds a way to feel balanced and fair. For those that enjoy this type of game and have the hardware to comfortably play it, then there’s no hesitation in recommending this title.

Screen Rant

What If Gaming scored it 8/10:

IXION feels familiar and accessible as it adopts the classic gameplay formula of city-builder games while also being unique enough with its various levels of management and exciting space exploration. Overall, IXION brings a lot to the table as a survival strategy city builder. It has solid core mechanics coupled with space-themed features that add enough challenge and variety to your overall gameplay experience.

What If Gaming

Rock Paper Scissors reviewed the game without a score, but very much echoed the same level of positivity:

IXION is a properly great blend of management sim and sci-fi storytelling. There are a lot of games clamouring for my attention right now, Darktide, The Callisto Protocol, God of War…but throughout my time with IXION I was never tempted to sack it off for those bigger, flashier games, which is a testament to its meticulous design, and its engrossing tale of humanity’s search for a new celestial roof to sleep under.

Rock Paper Scissors

‘IXION’ Epic Gameplay Trailer

Discounts Upon Release

With the game enjoying a positive reception so far, you’ll be happy to know there are some initial release discounts on offer.

IXION‘s publisher, Kasedo Games, are offering an early-bird discount of 10% if purchased on Steam. This discount will last until December 15, 2022.

Better yet, Fanatical are offering Steam keys for IXION at a 25% discount, which is hard to pass up. Grab the discount while their keys last.

IXION was released only on PC on December 8, 2022.

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