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‘Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion’ Launch Accolades Trailer

Square Enix has dropped a ‘Launch Accolades’ trailer in preparation for the December 13, 2022 release of Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

Watch the trailer below:

About the game:

Follows the original story of SOLDIER 1st Class Zack Fair on his mission to find missing SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos, unraveling the stories of Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeith, Tifa and more.

  • Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is a remaster of the original 2007 action RPG, Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII.
  • Updated fully remastered HD graphics with renewed 3D Models.
  • Updated and improved combat systems.
  • Newly arranged soundtrack from the original composer, Takeharu Ishimoto.
  • Fully voiced dialogue in both English and Japanese.

Release info:

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion releases on December 13, 2022 on PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Useful links:

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Merchandise

New Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion collectibles are on the way, including the Zack Fair Plush, pictured below:

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