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City Builder Strategy Game ‘Earth of Oryn’ Now 100% Kickstarter Funded

Earth of Oryn, a medieval city-builder/strategy game being developed by solo developer Edouard L, has reached 100% funding on Kickstarter.

It can now be wishlisted on Steam.

Earth of Oryn Features Summary

Earth of Oryn’s gameplay features are summarized below:

  • City-builder/strategy game set in a medieval world.
  • Rich story mode with branching story paths that can be revisited in subsequent playthroughs.
  • Creative mode allows you to tweak the world’s settings to suit your desired game style.
  • Play across four different civilizations with plans to expand the number over the course of the game’s lifecycle.
  • Build towns, cities and castles starting from nothing.
  • Use prefabricated buildings or the building system to create your own models from the ground up.
  • Build complex geared systems to power buildings with moving parts like bridges and elevators.
  • Shape the world using terrain elevation modification.
  • Create your own politics, laws and culture.
  • Explore to discover new creatures, biomes, and other civilizations.
  • Gather resources, handle resource production, and harvest crops.
  • Trade with other civilizations.
  • Use scholars to research new technology to gain access to new buildings, materials and edicts.
  • Manage and protect your human resources, and the needs and wants of your people.
  • Create your own religion/cult.
  • Raise, train and organize armies to protect your kingdom.
  • Protect your kingdom from external and internal enemies. Battles take place in real-time.
  • Day/Night cycle influences gameplay with some events and mechanics unique to night time.
  • Weather plays a big role in biome, building and citizen health.

Gain even more insight on the Kickstarter page, including what benefits are available to you should you decide to back the game. Note: The Kickstarter ends on December 14, 2022.

Earth of Oryn: Kickstarter Trailer

Earth of Oryn is expected to release early 2025 on Steam, Windows and Mac.

Early access is planned for late 2024.

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