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Card Battler MOBA-Lite ‘HEROish’ Released on PC & Consoles

HEROish is now available on PC and PlayStation/Xbox consoles.

From developer Sunblink (DragonVale, SpellFall, Army of Darkness: Defense), and until now only available on Apple Arcade, HEROish is a card-battling MOBA-lite that features card-based combat in real-time battle arenas.

Watch the PC & Console Launch trailer below.

HEROish PC & Console Launch Trailer

In addition to its PC/Console release, 18 new cards and dozens of reworked cards were added to the base game on all platforms.

About the game

Set in a colorful fantasy land brought to vibrant life by humorous storytelling, enchanting orchestral music, and hand-crafted environments, HEROish features six eccentric hero-ish characters with big combat potential and even bigger personalities. Heal summoned troops as the goodly paladin Flynn, raise the dead with sorceress Lavinia’s necromantic spells, or ambush opponents with poison traps as Spiderbait, the cute-but-deadly anthropomorphic mouse. Conquer three story campaigns packed with drama, laughs, and thrilling cinematics, or go head-to-head in fiercely competitive 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer matches, including PVP crossplay between PC and consoles.

Release Info

HEROish was released on December 17, 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S & PC, and will hit Nintendo Switch January 2, 2023.

It also reportedly runs great on the Steam Deck.

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