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‘Blight Survival’ Gameplay Trailer & Game Details Revealed

Developer Haenir Studio has revealed new gameplay for their upcoming medieval action-horror roguelite, Blight: Survival.

Blight: Survival Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Watch the gameplay reveal, which showcases pre-alpha gameplay footage from the game:

Blight: Survival Game Details Summary

The devs have described Blight: Survival as a mix between Dark Souls and Mordhau., while taking inspiration from God of War, The Last of Us, and Red Dead Redemption.

Following is summary of the game’s features:

  • Blight: Survival is an action-horror roguelite set in an alternate 14th century.
  • Currently in early development by Haenir Studio, an indie studio of just two people based in Iceland.
  • Features 4-player online PvE co-op but can also be played solo or duo.
  • Explore a single initial huge map and pillage loot. To keep runs fresh and new, a mix of different techniques, including scripted semi-procedural missions and free roam, will be used. More maps and other biomes will be introduced later.
  • Items are lost at death, but you do get one chance to recover them.
  • Choose and customize a large amount of weapons and armour.
  • Noisier armour, such as plate armour, will alert enemies easier than, say, leather armour.
  • Includes stealth mechanics.
  • There is no PvP. This is purely a co-op/solo game.
  • This is not an open world game.
  • Play multiple characters. XP carries over between characters.
  • XP is used to unlock specific talents/traits in an RPG-style skill tree.
  • Combat is melee focused and includes finishers and takedowns.
  • There is no magic, but there will be ranged combat (such as Longbows).
  • May included a weapon degradation (weapon’s wearing down) system.
  • Engine is Unreal Engine 5. This is a next-gen release.
  • Players will be able to choose male or female characters.
  • Animations are mocap using Xsens motion capture suits.
  • Game will be grounded in reality with creative license applied where necessary for fun gameplay

Blight: Survival Release Info

  • Release date and platforms are TBA, though 2024 will be the absolute earliest.
  • Will be released on PC. The developers also confirm they hope to bring the game to consoles.
  • A Steam Deck release is not planned at this stage.
  • An alpha and beta release will occur in due course.
  • Plans also exist to release physical copies and figurines.

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